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09 Mar 2020

Ep #304: Innovation and Problem Solving – with Jayne Morgan, M.D.

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This episode of The ShiftShapers Podcast is called “Innovation and Problem Solving, with Jayne Morgan, M.D.” and today, host and Chief Transformation Strategist David Saltzman, together with Jayne, Director Of Innovation at Piedmont Healthcare, discuss innovation and how it is applied at Piedmont.

Also discussed is diversity in clinical trials; why it is lacking and the progress of making it more inclusive to more minorities. The role of the FDA is also clarified when it comes to making changes in addressing health gaps and producing solutions that affect all demographics of people.

What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

  • 03:02Accelerator and devices at Piedmont
  • 07:13 Digital-based innovation and ongoing projects
  • 09:50 Process of innovation from concept to implementation
  • 13:12 Diversity in clinical trials
  • 17:38 Role of the FDA in clinical trial diversity


07:30 “We will be starting with hospital-based problems and systems, looking at process improvement… inventions that address specific pain, one’s within the hospital-system itself, inventions that perhaps can be a jump to some of the internal apps that we already currently use.”

10:03 “If you don’t have the fortitude, I would say that that is probably one of the largest factors that contributes to that large failure rate, is that people are not clear on what they’re getting into and what the time commitment is.”

13:54 “Access to clinical trials traditionally, and certainly in the United States, has not been something that has been readily available to minority communities. And there are a number of reasons for that. Number 1 reason is probably trust and trust in the system or lack thereof.”

16:59 “As we move forward into personalized medicine and customized medicine, genome mix, by whatever term that you know it, is we do not participate in trials and have a plethora of participation that represents a swathe across all of America, indeed across all of the world.”

18:03 “Now, unofficially, the FDA is continuing to move in that direction and more forward-thinking institutions are also beginning to move in that direction such that we can ensure that the health disparities, the health gap in these countries, don’t continue to widen, fueled and fed by lack of access to clinical trials.”

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