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30 Mar 2020

Ep #306: What is Stress – and How Can We Cope? – With Lynn Jonen, PhD

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This episode of The ShiftShapers Podcast is called “What is Stress – and How Can We Cope? – With Lynn Jonen, PhD” and today, host and Chief Transformation Strategist David Saltzman and Lynn discuss the problems caused by stress, understand the underlying causes, and explore various solutions.

This discussion is especially relevant nowadays with the drastic changes brought about by COVID-19 and the corresponding stress that it causes on people. David and Lynn also talk about spiritual health and its role in keeping stress at bay.

What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

  • 02:26 Defining stress responses
  • 06:59 Managing stress
  • 15:55 Techniques to intervene and control stress
  • 18:33 The significance of spiritual health
  • 21:09 Social distancing: shifting from physical distancing to social connection


09:33 “They can make you increasingly more vulnerable to the ill effects of stress which tend to be more illness with lower immune function, more digestive problems, reproductive difficulties, difficulties with higher-level cognitive thinking.”

12:53 “It does have, when stress is good, if you’re at work and you have a big project or a presentation, a little bit of adrenaline can help sharpen your thinking and focus.”

14:50 “Stressful events are stressful because the individual perceives them that way.”

17:27 “Meditation and mindfulness are so popular because they ask that we focus on the present moment at the exclusion of future worries and past regrets.”

20:20 “Prayer is a wonderful way to manage stress and feel that connection, creativity. Looking at your values, looking at your sense of meaning and purpose in life and maybe talking to someone, seeking support when you need help sorting that out.”

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