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15 Jun 2020

Ep #316: Creating a Fee-Based Consultancy – With Derek Winn & Jessica Du Bois

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This episode of The ShiftShapers Podcast is called “Creating a Fee-Based Consultancy” with Derek Winn and Jessica Du Bois, Consultant and Employee Benefits Advisor respectively at Business Benefits Group. They talk about the differences of Distilled Concepts from the parent company and how this new division caters to the specific needs of their clients.

Some of their innovations include leading with an RFI before sending a project proposal to fully understand who their client is and what it is they want to achieve, and letting the clients come to them instead of focusing on inbound leads.

What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

  • 05:47 Distinguishing Distilled Concepts from Business Benefits Group
  • 07:28 Letting the clients come to you
  • 13:23 Offering a menu of services & thought leadership
  • 17:31 Providing clients an unforgettable user experience


03:59 “Let’s get to 12, 15, 20% year over year. What are the things that need to happen in order to do that when it comes down to retaining clients, finding new clients, finding new ways to be able to help serve them?”

07:07 “Let’s lead with the distilled, clean, pure ideas, the proven concepts that can help to produce results but also at the same time remain agile in the market.”

12:48 “What else do I need to change in a process of exiting a PEO? If it turns out that leaving the PEO is the best option for that client, then yeah, we’re happy to support them afterwards.”

14:30 “Having an upfront, decided upon fee schedule based on the work you’re providing, that’s one of the big takeaways for other brokers to think about.”

20:40 “As much as we go into those conversations and we’re competing with the large consulting houses, we can also go in and complement them as well.”

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