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29 Jun 2020

Ep #318: Direct Primary Care in the Employer Market: How to Get There – With John Collier

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This episode of The ShiftShapers Podcast is called “Direct Primary Care In the Employer Market: How To Get There” with John Collier, President and CEO at Proactive MD, a direct primary care (DPC) organization.

John explains the possibilities of DPC that integrates administrative processes, delivers clinically effective healthcare while still remaining financially viable for stakeholders, and promotes patient empowerment through a “patient advocate”.

What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

  • 03:58 How to make DPC widely accepted by employers
  • 07:33 Creating a system that streamlines administrative processes
  • 10:46 Making DPC attractive to physicians & employers alike
  • 16:47 The role of the Patient Advocate to engage & empower


04:59 “Truthfully, while they’re great phenomenal physicians that I’m sure they have incredible clinical outcomes in their DPC practice, they don’t fully understand the business case for what a self-funded employer is facing.”

07:51 “At its core, direct primary care was invented and built to reunite a patient and a physician relationship, in a partnership.”

08:22 “If we’re solely focused on the patient and what is right for that patient, let’s leverage that data to help them take this patient by the hand and walk through the care continuum as primary care was designed to do.”

15:41 “When direct primary care physicians and these groups are working with employers, the care doesn’t stop at that on-site clinic.”

18:15 “The care team would consist, and they would be partners with that physician, is a licensed clinical social worker that’s going to work with the physician to engage a population.”

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