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13 Jul 2020

Ep #319: Thinking About Starting A Podcast – With Elzie Flenard

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This episode of The ShiftShapers Podcast is called “Thinking About Starting A Podcast” with Elzie Flenard, Founder of audio marketing agency Enterprise NOW! and The MAYOR of Podcast Town, a community for podcasters by podcasters.

Elzie shares what makes a successful podcast, from having the right motivations and mindset, to the more technical aspects behind producing a show flow, post-production, and the CRAB process which stands for Compose, Record, Arrange, and Broadcast.

What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

  • 03:52 Podcasting as a business
  • 05:08 Laying the groundwork for your own podcast
  • 08:12 Podcast success: The right mindset & consistency
  • 14:53 Post-production, the CRAB process & show notes


04:09 “Podcasting is a fantastic way to build and cultivate relationships. It’s also an awesome way to get to know people and to really just cultivate those connections that are made through the process.”

07:13 “Once you develop your why, now you go into planning your strategy. What types of people do you want to talk to? What do you want to talk to them about and having that listed in your show flow?”

13:49 “A general rule of thumb is a 1 to 4 ratio. Let’s say it’s a 30-minute show, it’s probably going to take you 4 times that total to do all of the things. The editing, the graphics, the social promotion, the research.”

18:10 “We have what I call the CRAB process. That just stands for Compose, Record, Arrange, and Broadcast.”

20:06 “I think as a listener, it’s important to give a summary of what the episode is about and maybe a couple of highlights and bullet points on key insights or things that have been talked about during the show.”


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