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07 Sep 2020

Ep #326: The Key to Managing Remote Teams – with Jason Treu

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This week’s episode is a conversation with Jason Treu, Chief People Officer at Unstoppable Workplaces. Today, Jason discusses how companies can experiment with communication strategies to maintain connections with their team members.

Jason also talks about the changes that companies need to adapt to in an increasingly digital environment. To survive, companies need to implement empathetic strategies for teamwork and get regular feedback from employees.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • 03:42 Pandemic challenges: Going digital and experimenting to stay connected
  • 09:52 Introducing company change and being prepared for it
  • 13:26 Using structures to manage high performers
  • 18:28 Resources and tools to gain feedback and develop essential skills


04:22 “People are galvanized around a purpose and the purpose is survival today. And you will do a lot for that.”

09:04 “It’s harder to create those decisions because you’re not in a room. You have to contact everyone and get them together and at some point, that’s just not feasible.”

15:23 “You should be doing weekly pulses, asking them questions of your sales force, and there’s a lot of questions you could be asking them to get some data back so you can get real-time feedback.”

16:32 “People with empathy, the people who have compassion, the people who have a plan and know how to build trust with people, I think those are the things that you’re seeing are doing much better across the board.”

21:12 “The challenge is going to be how far that people move off of making the people, the teamwork, the employee experience, a business priority. And I think that, to me, is the central question.”

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