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21 Sep 2020

Ep #328: Creating Your Best Internet Presence – with Tom Malesic

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This week’s episode is a conversation with Tom Malesic, Founder and CEO at EZSolution. Today, Tom introduces basic digital marketing concepts on major social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn.

Tom goes into detail on finding your audience on Facebook and using industry tricks to reach them more effectively. He also shares unusual metrics that you can use to track your marketing progress and ways you can improve your lead generation website.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • 01:48 Digital marketing concepts for different sized enterprises
  • 05:40 Determining your audience on Facebook and reaching them
  • 09:28 A/B Testing and using metrics to track marketing success
  • 11:56 Top mistakes when building your website
  • 16:30 Tips in creating company blogs


02:26 “How do you produce content that makes your audience know and understand that you’re the expert and you’re the one they should call when they have a specific problem that you solve?”

06:18 “The other thing that Facebook does that most people don’t even know that it’s possible is you can export any kind of list that you have, so you might have a prospect list or maybe you have a customer list.”

11:10 “We could track form fills and you can even install call tracking on your website so that it displays a unique phone number and then you could log into the call tracking dashboard and actually listen to those calls.”

14:54 “Sometimes it just takes a little step back to say, do we need this section? How do we organize this content so that it makes more sense?”

18:53 “You could do video blogs instead of written blogs.”

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