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05 Oct 2020

Ep #330: Advisors: What Does the Future Hold? – with Sean Schantzen (Part 2 of 2)

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This week’s episode is part 2 of our conversation with Sean Schantzen, Co-Founder and President at Health Rosetta Group. Today, Sean predicts what the future may hold for the insurance industry and the tools and techniques needed to meet those changes.

Sean discusses the trend of mid-market companies banding together to rebuild infrastructures and the increasingly commonplace occurrence of building their own hospitals. He also discusses the main factors that drive pharma costs and the changes that are reshaping views on risk management.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • 01:58 New mid-market company solution: Building their own hospitals
  • 07:20 Influencing politics and using advisors as coordinators
  • 10:12 Pharma cost drivers: Supply issues, drug management, and pricing
  • 15:25 Changes in risk-management and the re-localization of risk


02:34 “We can pull together the capital and we can pull together the lives and we are influential in our communities. We could track
the doctors. We could do everything. Why don’t we just build a hospital or buy one or take it over?”

02:54 “We’re so frustrated with the way things have been going for so long and it’s been such a fight that, forget it, we’re done.
We’re just going to start over.”

10:36 “The entire model by which we price and distribute and have supply chain for drugs we all know is flawed in many, many ways.”

11:54 “That’s a supply chain issue which is replace the existing supply chain or decapitalize so much through technology and through
very, very specific types of business models that are borrowing from the tech community.”

20:35 “When you have community owning the skin in the game, the people that are most impacted by going wrong and the people that can most manage and keep it going right, that opens up an entirely new world.”

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