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02 Nov 2020

Ep #334: Is Curiosity the Key to Building Your Practice? – With Diane Hamilton, PhD

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This week’s episode features a conversation with Dr. Diane Hamilton, Founder and CEO of Tonerra , and author of “Cracking the Curiosity Code”. Curiosity in the workplace enables out of the box thinking and strengthens emotional intelligence through empathy, a key competency to talk to clients on an emotional level. Creating a culture of curiosity starts with the leaders who need to recognize the potential savings and revenues that curiosity can create when it translates to innovative business ideas.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • 03:04 Curiosity is like baking a cake
  • 07:41 Empathy: The link between curiosity and emotional intelligence
  • 13:32 Building a culture of curiosity in organizations
  • 18:04 For leaders: Curiosity offers massive potential savings and revenues


04:40 “The word is curiosity, which is very broad and can mean a lot of things to a lot of people, but to me what it is in the work setting is getting out of status quo ways of doing things.”

06:19 “If you look at the data from curiosity and for creativity, it’s about from age five where it starts to tank and by the time you’re out of high school age, it’s very very low.”

09:09 “Empathy is all about putting yourself in somebody else’s shoes and that really is so critical and to do that you have to ask questions.”

14:09 “We know that people aren’t communicating well. We know that they’re showing up to work without a sense of engagement. We know the emotional intelligence issues. So first of all, a leader has to recognize the financial aspect because I think that’ll hit home.”

21:53 “All these leaders for them to really get it with curiosity, they have to recognize the cost that they’re losing for not being curious, the potential that that would bring in terms of revenue by being curious.”


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