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09 Nov 2020

Ep #335: Clearing the Murky Pharmacy Swamp – With Robert LeCureaux

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This week’s episode features a conversation with Robert LeCureaux, Vice President of Client Development at ScoutRx Pharmacy Benefits Consultants. PBMs have been focused on profitability rather than providing a beneficial service. Though alternative funding options are available, PBMs are less likely to cooperate since there is no financial incentive to do so. Robert’s group helps members minimize their spend by offering Specialty Pharmacy, Copay, and International Pharmacy Programs.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • 01:55 PBMs have been focused on profitability
  • 05:29 Specialty drugs: The rising cost and alternative funding options
  • 13:30 Mitigating costs for partially funded employers
  • 15:50 Specialty meds compliance
  • 18:46 Using a hands-on approach to educate employees


04:29 “Drug manufacturers are increasingly raising the cost of these medications so while getting a great discount may curb your spend a little bit or keep you from bleeding too much, it’s really effectively doing nothing to lower or maintain your spend.”

05:40 “The driving factor that we’re looking at typically is specialty medications. They used to be a little more rare, a little more infrequent, however manufacturers have gotten wise to the fact that there are no alternatives. They own the patents.”

07:22 “Patient assistance programs, these are a little less publicly advertised but these are foundation programs to cover medications at a hundred percent of the cost for your specialty meds.”

15:26 “One solution really isn’t going to fit all groups. You really need to have a full suite of options that play off of each other to give that one kind of targeted solution to really maximize what you can do with the spend.”

19:56 “To make these programs effectively run, at least with us, we are very engaged with the members. With our international component, we proactively reach out to the members, educate them on the program.”

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