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30 Nov 2020

Ep #338: Using Mentoring To Build Your Business . . . and Yourself. – With Tom Loarie

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This week’s episode features a conversation with Tom Loarie, CEO at BryoLogyx, Inc. and Host at The Mentors Radio Show. Mentoring benefits people of all backgrounds and professions and Tom shares his process of coaching that lets people flourish into their highest levels. Trust is the basis of a mentoring relationship and Tom always begins by asking what is it that you really want to do? Whose story are you really living? And if you pursue what you really like and be the best at it, you will always be successful.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • 01:56 Tom’s professional background
  • 05:37 Mentoring and bringing out the best in people
  • 10:35 The integration of managing, coaching, and mentoring people
  • 13:12 Starting to mentor
  • 17:37 Whose story are you living?
  • 18:46 The best of advice that Tom got


09:21 “If you’re not a coach, you can’t be a manager. And coaching is all about mentoring and growing people. And one of the great rewards for me personally is to see people that I’ve worked with and coached and mentored go off into great things.”

11:46 “As a manager and coach and mentor for those people, it’s a daily event. And you want to be coaching them all the time when they’re doing good and when they need some improvement.”

13:56 “The next part is to really understand where they want to go and what they want to do and when they get up in the morning, what is it that they want to be thinking about, not what they are thinking about but what does a good day feel like and look like.”

14:26 “The individual that you’re working with has to be able to trust you to share everything that they need to share. And you have to be able to trust them as well or you’re not going to have that solid relationship.”

19:04 “Find something you really like and just be the best at it. And he said, you’ll always put a roof over your head and your family’s head, you’ll always be able to put food on the table.”


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