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28 Dec 2020

Ep #342: WFH? Skills to Stop Your Kids’ Dragon Thoughts and Grungies – with Linda Czuper

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This week’s episode features a conversation with Linda Czuper, Children’s Life Coach at Adventures in Wisdom. WFH is causing stress and fear in kids. Linda gives tips for parents to be present in their children’s lives because the face that parents show kids sets the tone for a good day.

Parents can empower their children to create their own stories in today’s environment and should watch out for negative self-talk, a red flag that highlights the fears that their children may have. Linda also provides actionable tips on how parents can become better teachers, a role they may not have been prepared for pre-pandemic.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • 02:18 Dragon thoughts and grungies: What are they and why don’t we like them?
  • 04:22 WFH parents: Being consciously present for kids
  • 08:21 Giving kids the power to control their stories
  • 13:30 Warning signs in kids that parents should be aware of
  • 16:45 How parents can become better teachers


06:02 “Everyone is looking through life through really a lot of their subconscious, which is 80% of their thinking. So that 20% of the conscious thought, that is what we really need to be present on.”

06:21 “A lot of our fear comes from our subconscious. We’re worrying about the future based on how we perceive things in the past. And what we’re missing is that middle, the present. So when your child is in the room, put on a smile. Take a deep breath.”

07:58 “If you’re putting on those ‘Power Goggles’ in the morning and you’re looking in the mirror and you’re saying, good morning sunshine and you’re visualizing the positives of your day, that is going to go through to your children.”

14:38 “It’s really, really important to listen to your children and really, that self-talk, if they’re playing, they’re playing with dolls, if they’re playing with other children, how are they showing up?”

17:54 “They really can’t just read a passage and get what a parent would get out of it. You do have to take some time and go through the stuff and have it come alive a little bit.”


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