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04 Jan 2021

Ep #343: Finding Happiness When Success Isn’t Enough – with Rob Tull

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This week’s episode features a conversation with Rob Tull, Success Coach at Path2 Coaching. Achieving traditional success is often assumed to produce happiness. However, when emotional needs take a backseat in pursuit of this goal, it produces a toxic environment that can leave you feeling stuck.

“Structured stuckness” is designed to leave you feeling this way because of society’s absolute focus on outcomes. The key to getting unstuck is prioritizing your emotional benefits to avoid the long-term regret that comes with traditional models of success.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • 01:56 The road to Path2: Getting unstuck and finding happiness
  • 06:49 Work-life balance vs prioritizing emotional needs
  • 09:41 The myth of success = happiness causes long-term regret
  • 12:40 Work from home is a fully-integrated environment
  • 16:15 Recognizing and overcoming “structured stuckness”


05:28 “Is the problem me or is the problem my path? And that’s what I realized is it wasn’t me, it wasn’t the choices I made. It was the path I was on and that causal and sequential structure I was looking at.”

08:26 “I can’t control the objective goals in front of me. I can put my best effort forward but I can’t control the outcome of it, so why hang emotional needs on the outcome?”

14:15 “The thing to really survive this environment where we are fully integrating work and life is we can no longer view them as separate spheres.”

14:36 “The way to maintain sanity is to say, okay, where am I going to put boundaries up? And it’s not just boundaries of how am I going to divide work and life, it’s how am I going to prioritize work and life?”

19:13 “When I think about a way to get unstuck or to disconnect from that, the first thing I ask myself is, why is this goal important to me?”

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