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01 Feb 2021

Ep #347: “Epic Business” Author Shares Success Techniques – with Justin Breen

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This week’s episode features a conversation with Justin Breen, Founder and CEO of BrEpic. The highest level entrepreneurs all have a common denominator: they put family first, overcome their greatest obstacles, and adopt a mindset that it’s either winning or learning. Failure is not in their vocabulary. When you think about investments and not costs, you eliminate a scarcity mindset and end up working with people who will propel your business to unimaginable heights.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • 01:44 The road to success starts by putting family first
  • 05:12 Misery happens when there is inaction to pursue what you actually love
  • 07:51 The most successful entrepreneurs have overcome these 4 things
  • 13:50 Think about investment, not cost
  • 16:44 Raise your rates


02:07 “You just see a problem, create solution to problem, problem solved, successful global company.”

06:26 “A lot of people are miserable in their own lives because they’re doing things 8 to 10 hours a day that they don’t like to do and/or are not at good at them.”

08:04 “Here are the 4 things: 1) bankruptcy or potential bankcruptcy, 2) overwhelming depression, 3) the highest level anxiety you can ever imagine, 4) likely or possible traumatic experiences as a child or young adult.”

09:36 “As an entrepreneur, there’s no failure. It’s you’re winning or learning. You’re either winning or learning.”

16:44 “My business really took off when I quadrupled my rates, quintupled. That’s when it really took off because it eliminated cost scarcity nonsense.”


“Epic Business: 30 Secrets to Build Your Business Exponentially and Give You the Freedom to Live the Life You Want!” Book by Justin Breen

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