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29 Mar 2021

Ep #353: Creating Good News At Bad Times – with Matt Newman

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This week’s episode features a conversation with Matt Newman, best-selling author of “Starting at the Finish Line.” Cancer is not a solitary disease and Matt shares his family’s journey with it and how it eventually afflicted him too. Writing was his catharsis and his ability to strengthen others and teach that their conditions do define them became his inspiration for writing his book. Matt teaches that negativity gains you nothing while positivity leads to success.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • 04:30 A family history of cancer leads to Matt’s diagnosis of brain cancer
  • 12:18 Lessons from Larry: Finding strength and the fragility of life
  • 14:39 Writing as a catharsis and inspiring people on a global scale
  • 18:24 Surround yourself with positivity and success follows


06:32 “The reality is people want what they can’t get. They want life insurance after they can’t get it, long-term care after they can’t get it, a financial plan if they lose 30%, and I would preach every day of the necessity of why we need these plans.”

12:24 “I used to believe in irony. I stopped believing in irony. And I understood that he put in that place to teach me how to act, how to have independence, how to have dignity, how to fight, how to be there for family.”

13:39 “One of the greatest lessons in life in the deepest, darkest of times, we’re given this new set of lenses that we look through them, we see life absolutely differently when we’re understanding how fragile things can really be.”

13:53 “Strength is not how big your arms are. Strength is now how much you bench press. Strength is something that’s located deep down in our bellies at those deepest and darkest of times. We can find it. We can grab it. We can own it.”

18:45 “When you surround yourself with negativity, nothing good comes out of it. And you have to learn to live. It’s sometimes not about tomorrow, it’s not about yesterday, it’s about now. It’s about living in the moment and appreciating the now, right now.”

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