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05 Apr 2021

Ep #354: Delivering LEGENDARY Customer Service – with Dave Romeo

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This week’s episode features a conversation with Dave Romeo, author of “How to Wow! — The Art of Consistently Delivering Legendary Customer Service.” Giving customers a user experience they’ll remember is not complicated. It does however require a genuine demonstration of your desire to help. Not only does this spark lasting connections, but it also returns your investment several times over.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • 04:11 Customer experience is the next competitive battleground
  • 06:51 The bank story: A lesson in delivering legendary customer service
  • 14:31 How to deliver customer service
  • 19:03 The $4,000 thank you card


04:25 “When you can demonstrate to your customers that it’s more important to you that they have a great experience doing business with you than it is to them, they will be wowed.”

14:34 “It’s very easy to know what legendary customer service looks like when you’re a customer. But sometimes when we’re supposed to be delivering to our customers, we forget about that.”

14:56 “If the obstacle is a commandment, obey it. If it’s a law, change it. If it’s a rule, break it. And if it’s a policy, ignore it. And that’s good advice if you want to deliver legendary customer service to your customers.”

18:39 “I found that if I memorized people’s names, they pay attention, they stay engaged, and they never forget it.”

21:32 “Little things don’t mean a lot. They mean everything.”


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