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19 Apr 2021

Ep #355: Changing Behavior is a Tricky Recipe – with Matt Scovil

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This week’s episode features a conversation with Matt Scovil, CEO at Medefy. Apps and AI are essential pieces in modern healthcare but having real people communicate with members, using technology to assist, has produced significantly higher engagement. Also, a multi-channel approach that involves the entire household empowers individual members to make much more informed healthcare decisions.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • 01:58 Outdated methods cause a lack of member engagement
  • 05:05 Using AI and apps to support rather than be the face of healthcare products
  • 11:34 Opening up communication channels that members want to engage with
  • 17:05 Reaching out to demographics with a multi-channel approach


03:32 “In the 2000s, people are different. They want to consume things differently. They want to interact with things differently. And so the scope of the problem really fell on how do we get down to the user level, the patient level, the member level, and do things the way they want to do.”

06:24 “We have found the best fit for those types of machine learning AI pieces is to support a real person rather than try to make it the face of the product, which is still very much lacking in terms of complexity for the average healthcare experience.”

13:37 “We’re able to reach out to the population live and because it’s real people, we’re starting these communications or these conversations and people reach back. They want to talk. They don’t turn off these notifications. They want to be engaged.”

17:51 “Getting the spouse engaged if it’s a heavy blue-collar male-dominated group, you know, the female of the household makes 85% of the healthcare decisions on average for her family. So getting her engaged is very, very important.”

19:08 “People have the best health outcomes when they can talk to somebody that already knew what to do.”

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