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03 May 2021

Ep #357: What is Optimized Medication Therapy and Why Does Your Plan Need It? – with Mike Case Haub

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This week’s episode features a conversation with Mike Case Haub, CEO at CHC Health. Optimized medication can reveal drug therapy problems that patients were not even aware of, as well as determine if lower-tier medications can work just as well or better than current prescriptions. This translates to cost savings to employees and employers. These conversations also reveal to patients what drugs they have to take and why, therefore increasing adherence and patient buy-in.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • 01:39 How optimized medication therapy can benefit patients
  • 06:55 Pharmacogenetic testing becomes more accessible
  • 08:22 Tailor-fitting optimized medications in plans
  • 11:09 Cost savings for employers and increasing user engagement
  • 14:39 Increasing adherence with customized and emphatic plans


02:28 “Also, we can look at it from a cost perspective too. Oftentimes, we’re finding patients that might be on a higher-tier, so maybe they’re on a third-tier medication, and there may be some more cost alternatives for that patient.”

03:05 “We actually have a negative return on investment on medications in the US, so for every $1 we spend on a medication, we spend another $1.17 to reverse the effects of that medication.”

12:04 “Hey, if I can make sure our employees that maybe are having depression issues, if we can make sure they’re on the right medications and they feel supported, they’re more likely to show up to work and be productive.”

14:54 “My focus, well what we try to focus on, is yes we want to make sure patients are adherent but we want to make sure they’re adherent to the right drug therapy.”

15:41 “Adherence is driven primarily by the likelihood that [patients] feel like this is an important medication for them to be taking and that there’s a reason for them to be taking it.”

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