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07 Jun 2021

Ep #361: Reconnecting With Happiness – with Silvia Garcia

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This week’s episode features a conversation with Silvia Garcia, Founder and CEO of Feel Logic and Happiest Places to Work and Former Global Director of the Happiness Institute of Coca-Cola. The topic of happiness, what it is and how do we achieve it, has been magnified by the pandemic. In the workplace, there are 8 ways that employers can facilitate happiness including increasing employee recognition, building a social support system, and focusing on personal growth.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • 02:08 Defining happiness and being empowered to hope for a better future
  • 04:59 The science of happiness and positive leadership
  • 07:58 Happiness in the workplace for small companies
  • 12:18 Concrete steps employers can do to facilitate happiness
  • 18:24 Looking to the future: The positive and negative ways technology affects happiness


02:29 “There’s something common which is, despite anything that happens that sends a feeling that a possible future that is better than today’s possible and that each of us can do something to get there.”

05:21 “We are driven by our emotions. Then we control them, we reflect over them but many, we are not aware of them. And they are powerful drivers of our decisions.”

08:45 “This is for everybody because the ingredients are not different whether this is a big or small company. The ingredients of happiness and happiness at work are the same.”

16:06 “Create some kind surprises to bring pleasure and surprises from time to time. Isn’t it like any relationship? We like surprises, so sometimes do that.”

16:19 “Play a lot with recognition. Part of us need it to be in a group is because we need to feel valued. So play on the recognition and do not only recognize the outcome, when things go great.”

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