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02 Aug 2021

Ep #368: Don’t Let the Cyber Gremlins Eat Your Data – with Scott Beck

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This week’s episode features a conversation with Scott Beck, CEO at BeckTek. Businesses worldwide now rely heavily on email to communicate. While convenient and relatively safe, it does have a fatal flaw that hackers exploit for maximum effect. Phishing is a billion-dollar scam that attacks big and small companies alike. With the SLAM Method, a simple yet effective guide, you too can spot phishing emails and prevent the bad guys from gaining access to your personal information.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • 02:48 Email is a top target for hackers
  • 06:14 CEO Fraud: A scam that hits even small businesses
  • 11:47 Check for SLAM: Sender, Links, Attachment, Message
  • 17:26 Spear-phishing: A lucrative business based on targeted hacking


04:27 “Number one way in, email. Because it bypasses everything. It hits your desk and now they’re trying to hack the human and they are really good at it now.”

09:00 “We’ve seen them now spread off just not from the CEO but from anyone in the company of authority. Or they could say they’re coming from the IT department and we need your password.”

13:10 “Whatever that link is, never click it until you hover over it and see where it’s going.”

13:39 “We’ve gotten pretty good at blocking those direct viruses but what we’ve seen now with the bad guys are doing are using PDF documents or Excel documents, Word documents.”

18:35 “If I’m more targeted, I have a higher rate of return and probably more money. So that’s why we’re starting to see this spear-phishing take off.”

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