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09 Aug 2021

Ep #369: Helping Clients With Government Programs – With Frank Cardenas

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This week’s episode helps advisors learn more about advising clients about Federal benefits, from Social Security to Medicare and beyond. Frank Cardenas, Co-founder at FEDlogic, discusses how employees and employers can both benefit from more guidance around these often-confusing benefits.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • 0202:20 Frank’s motivations for helping clients in the social benefits space
  • 04:51 Guiding families and employers who need practical help with social benefits
  • 09:00 The top 5 areas of focus with social benefits
  • 13:19 Why two-thirds of initial disability claims are denied
  • 15:45 Teaching advisors and consultants let them offer this service
  • 18:11 Staying on top of federal updates that impact healthcare


04:21 “Let’s bring some logic to the federal government. Let’s bridge that information gap and let’s strike off on our own and see if we can help families the way you’ve always really wanted to help them.”

11:31 “Obviously, those top 5 are, yes, the ones that drive the most in healthcare cost but from our perspective, our experts are just there because those top 5 are the ones that need the most help.”

14:38 “It baffles people’s mind how you can get denied with that kind of diagnosis. But it’s all about providing all of your medical conditions. You’re not just going through stage 3 breast cancer, you’re probably also going through the aftereffects of radiation.”

17:11 “Even part-time employees, we want them to have this service. Do we charge for the part-time employees? No, because typically part-timers don’t have access to the health insurance to their employer.”

19:10 “When it comes to federal benefits, it’s confusing and complex. And just strictly out of fear that families don’t do anything until they have to. But if you put that education in front of them, then you’ll find that they have better outcomes.”

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