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16 Aug 2021

Ep #370: Healthcare Illiteracy Is Hurting Everyone – With Ben Hale

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This week’s episode explores the major areas of concern with healthcare illiteracy and the huge need for innovative tools in bridging the gap between industries and providers. Ben Hale, co-founder and CEO of Bright HR, presents the do’s and don’ts in providing healthcare education so that industries will be better informed, satisfied consumers.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • 02:42 Ben shares his story on the serious consequences of healthcare illiteracy
  • 04:40 Open enrollment meetings: Inefficient in delivering benefits education
  • 06:16 The necessity of continuous education and digitized solution
  • 07:59 Decision support tools enhance personalized healthcare planning and employer-employee engagement
  • 09:55 Spouse involvement in healthcare education is made easier with a shareable platform and instant messaging
  • 14:51 What’s in it for advisors?
  • 17:53 Remote healthcare education is made possible with digital solution


04:51 “Sitting down in an open enrollment meeting and having an HR team, the broker team, or the account managers come in and present on a PowerPoint presentation; guess how many of us are paying attention? Zero.”

07:23 “How do we easily distribute, make information consumable, where we’re not sending out a paper benefit guide? Coz let’s be honest, no one’s reading those. As soon as open enrollment is over, or even that day 1, they’re getting thrown in the trash.”

11:32 “One of the things about continuous education is involving the spouse; actually understanding the benefits too because now you kinda have two stakeholders and kind of understanding the benefits so we can reduce medical errors. We can reduce the expense of going out of network or going to the wrong provider, and really understanding what the benefits are to again maximize the value of them for an employee.”

13:30 “We have to digitize the open enrollment experience. We have to eliminate the need for an hour and a half long in-person meeting that’s done by PowerPoint.”

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