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30 Aug 2021

Ep #371: Decreasing HR Drama – With Karen Young

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This week’s episode suggests how business leaders can move their companies forward through a better partnership with the HR department. Karen Young, founder and president of HR Resolutions, cites the fundamental topics in her book, Stop Knocking on My Door, which aims to promote employee satisfaction and productivity in the workplace.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • 01:25 Introduction to Karen and her book
  • 04:55 Being subject to multiple federal employment laws makes it important for business owners to understand their risks
  • 08:05 Job descriptions: How is it relevant to hiring, coaching & counseling, and setting policies & procedures?
  • 12:38 The impact of HIPAA compliance to HR professionals
  • 17:12 Tips to become better partners with the HR suite
  • 19:33 The vital piece of information that benefits advisors should associate with HR


06:55 “That’s how I view HR, our job — whether it be as HR resolutions or an HR person directly employed by a company — HR’s job is to provide that informed consent. We need to consult; we need to advise our leaders, ‘These are your risks.’”

17:45 “If I’m gonna encourage all of you to do one thing, push electronic portals to your people, your businesses, and your clients.”

19:22 “Make sure you’re feeding your HR people the required notices when they need to be distributed ‘coz we don’t remember.”

20:00 “Keep the HR person up to date. Even though the decision is the C-suite, make sure the HR person knows, ‘This is what I’m presenting to your C-suite’, ‘This is what I believe they’re going to take’. Start to think now, ‘How can I help you implement whatever their decision is?’”

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