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06 Sep 2021

Ep #372: A CEO Only Does Three Things – With Trey Taylor

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This week’s episode discusses the best strategies that business owners must do to preserve their most important asset: focus. A Managing Director of Trinity Blue & Taylor Insurance, Trey Taylor defines the practice of growing your organization’s culture, the revolutionary steps in recruiting people, and the important components to include when tracking your KPIs.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • 01:47 Introduction to Trey’s career and company
  • 05:51 A positive approach to corporate culture
  • 07:49 Establishing a culture through values articulation and ritualization
  • 12:25 The 4 categories of recruiting conversation
  • 17:00 Including the soft metrics in your KPIs
  • 18:55 Delegation: A key to a growing culture


06:10 “Culture is the ethical environment in which we live, work, and play. It is our opportunity to say to the world, these are ‘my values’ that I think should be true in the world, and I want to see these values appear in the world thru my agency and in the lives of the people that I employ.”

08:33 “Articulating those values that we all share— there’s an art to that; it’s not just called science. You have to really sort of weave with your heart in that.”

16:44 “If you hire somebody who’s incredibly skilled and who fits within your budget— but who doesn’t share your values— you’re dropping a cancer into the middle of your team, and you’re gonna regret it in a zillion different ways.”

18:25 “That is one of the KPIs that we track: What is our percentage achievement on personal growth initiatives in the course of the year? That’s just illustrating the point that the CEO has to be intuned with his company— and the vision of where he/she wants to take that company enough to fill out the KPIs to be everything that he wants it to be.”


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