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20 Sep 2021

Ep #374: Medical Care: Back to the Future – With John Young

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This week’s episode introduces a next-level type of healthcare that people can already receive in the comfort of their own homes. John Young, SVP Growth at Nice Healthcare, explains why it’s going to be a growing demand for employers and members.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • 02:39 How Nice Healthcare’s business model had come to fruition
  • 08:03 Scope of healthcare services being offered
  • 10:35 On the affordability of provided services
  • 15:11 Time allotted for virtual and in-person visits
  • 16:50 Pharmacy benefits made available for members


04:30 “It’s important to use the word ‘clinic’ because our scope of service— in what we’re able to provide via technology and via bringing our clinicians directly into the home— is very similar to what is found in traditional bricks and mortar clinic locations; so it’s important for us to identify as such so that our members know that they’re gonna have access to that same level of care despite not traveling into a traditional clinic location.”

05:31 “The atmosphere that had fostered in the relationship between a provider and a patient when we’re actually sitting on one of our patients’ couch (…), provides a whole other layer of relationship and interaction that is really hard to replicate in some other type of venue than actually getting into someone’s home, and we get to learn a lot about that specific patient.”

13:13 “The fact that we’re not operating in the bricks and mortar locations, the fact that we’re contracting directly with employers and that fitting claims through an insurance mechanism, and the fact that we’re in NP-like clinic— that all adds up to us being able to offer this set of price point that is affordable for our employer and for our members.”

19:59 “I certainly think that this is gonna continue to be somethin’ that not just clinics are trying to unlock, but that customers and consumers are gonna continue to demand. And so I think we’ll continue to see more and more of a shift out of traditional venues and continue to bring more and more services into the patient’s home.”


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