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04 Oct 2021

Ep #376: Creating the Success Environment – With Robert Nickell

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This week’s episode suggests how employers can optimize their recruitment process to hire top talent and set them up for success. Robert Nickell, founder and CEO of Rocket Station, delves into the 3 foundational steps critical for the hiring and success of every individual or outsourced talent.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • 02:13 The top 1 mistake that people make when hiring
  • 04:20 3 Steps to Successful Hiring: Alignment, Documenting, Hiring
  • 13:07 What defines an outsourced talent?
  • 16:39 Social networking sites as efficient tools for reaching outsourced talents
  • 19:41 Key to retaining talent


08:50 “The type of person, the profile, the experience that we’re looking for, and the interview questions we can ask, all of that stimulating comes from first two steps, which are getting really organized and documenting everything. Now, we can go hire the right person.”

10:54 “If you can help people be fulfilled by putting the right people in the right role (…), to me that’s caring about people— number 1 is legitimately caring about them. And then number 2 is setting them up for success.”

14:15 “Technology is now bridging the gap where— international employees that have every bit of talent, experience, and qualifications that we do here stateside— we now have access to those people.”

20:48 “The big shift in management, in my opinion, is all about managing to outcomes and to results. You gotta be able to set clear expectations and then manage to numbers.”

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