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11 Oct 2021

Ep #377: Artificial Intelligence Manages Diabetes – With Lonny Stormo

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This week’s episode introduces a self-care tech platform for Diabetics. Integrated with AI and Machine Learning, this new approach to healthcare is believed to enhance consumer experience. Lonny Stormo, CEO of Pops Diabetes Care, describes what these tech advances would offer as we lean toward consumer-driven healthcare.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • 02:51 The concept and practical sense of “Democratizing Healthcare”
  • 06:16 On-Demand Healthcare: What drives this trend?
  • 09:15 Lonny on reasons why his platform focuses on diabetes
  • 10:30 Remote patient care management vs self-care thru tech platform
  • 13:46 How a Diabetic user experience looks like during an interaction with AI and virtual health assistant
  • 18:50 Ongoing developments and roadmap for AI in the healthcare industry


05:14 “Look back at the beginning of companies like Fitbit and how we all started spending our own hard-earned money on buying simple things like activity trackers and apps that go along with that so that we could all start to kinda be healthier and take more steps; it’s clear that that has started to happen and now we see more and more coming into the consumers’ homes so they can take care of themselves as opposed to going to a doctor.”

11:11 “Self-management through a tech platform— which is where I believe all of healthcare’s gonna end up beyond kinda letting go of remotely managing people or patients— starts with nobody strives to be a patient (…). What we wanna do is give them an experience that they can use and choose to use themselves to take care of themselves.”

11:44 “At Pops when somebody starts using our solution, we don’t call them a participant. We don’t call them a member. We call them an owner because now they’re in a position where they can start to own their own life using our technology. “

20:45 “This is consumer-driven healthcare; consumer demand is going to select which solutions work for them and which ones don’t. And it’s no longer gonna be kind of what is the payor paying for or the provider providing as much as what the consumer wants, and then it’s their choice if they want to take that next step in the circle and engage with the doctor.”

21:29 “There’s a lot of data that’s starting to come out that says when people self care using tech platforms, they overall lower their claims cost. So that’s good for the payor, that’s good for the self-insured employer, and/or whatever patient pay is happening.”

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