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25 Oct 2021

Ep #378: Shopping by Quality – Not by Cost – With Dr. Sanjay Prasad

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This week’s episode covers the significant decision factors that every patient must have in this current state of healthcare. Dr. Sanjay Prasad, surgeon and author of Resetting Healthcare, explains the need to reform the industry and how transparency can also help raise the quality of care.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • 02:17 How COVID19 has impacted the state of healthcare
  • 06:03 Avoiding the ‘Patient Trap’
  • 11:10 Success Rate: One of the deciding factors in choosing a healthcare professional
  • 13:25 A medical cost doesn’t have a direct relationship with quality
  • 16:24 Introducing a platform that helps patients go for smarter options


05:18 “Biopsies were even put on hold. Colonoscopies were on hold. There were undiagnosed colon tumors that are now emerging. But 2021 and beyond, these surgeries are starting to be scheduled again. There’s an explosion of cases that’s happening in 2021 and it’s gonna continue for the next five years. This is a great time— a great pause if you will— in healthcare and a great time to reset healthcare as we know it today.”

07:04 “Depending on specialty, 15-30% of surgeries that are being performed today are unnecessary, have not been peer-reviewed. Patients are suffering from having unnecessary surgery and suffering from complications of unnecessary surgery. And patients are getting referred to surgeons that don’t necessarily have the best outcomes.”

12:03 “When you’re talking to a surgeon, you need to have their outcomes [data] the past year [the past two years], not their lifetime data.”

13:58 “Price and quality are completely unrelated. You can have a high price with high quality. You can have a high price with low quality. You can have a lower price with low quality and give a low price with high quality. We’re all trying to achieve lower prices with high quality, but the systems have to be mission-central and primarily focused on quality alone initially and truncate with pricing.”

16:13 “It’s all about creating a consumer that’s well-educated, well-informed, making good decisions.”


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