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01 Nov 2021

Ep #379: Facing The Challenges of Women’s Healthcare – With Joe Connolly

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This week’s episode looks into the prevalent chronic conditions that women suffer from and the main reasons why they’re unable to have access to proper care. Joe Connolly, founder and CEO at Visana Health, explains how a tech-enabled, high-touch care model can provide solutions and make a difference to women’s healthcare.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • 02:11 Introduction to the Virtual-First Healthcare model
  • 06:58 What caused the challenges in women’s healthcare
  • 10:53 How the care model has transformed women’s healthcare experience
  • 14:15 How big providers look at the adoption of this care model
  • 16:28 Cost savings for self-funded employers
  • 17:51 Majority of the population being served are women with gynecological conditions


03:13 “Virtual-first providers have lots of ancillary providers to have a holistic care model… The technologies that they’ll use (…), it’s a much more elegant technology platform that can include a really elegant symptom tracker so you can track patient reports and outcomes over time— which then can feed back into your care model so that you can make continuous improvements.”

04:21 “Asynchronous care— typically the way that you will do it— is a text message, email, in-app messaging, care that’s delivered not in real-time.”

11:08 “In addition to having longer times that we’re interacting with the patient, we also make sure that all of our providers go through racial disparity training where they’re educated on these differences and we make sure that they’re aware of these differences when they’re interacting with patients.”

18:06 “About 30-35% of women will have heavy menstrual bleeding or uterine fibroids; 15-20% of women have endometriosis. So these are very very high prevalence diseases, and you just don’t hear about them a lot because there’s this element of shame or stigma associated with them.”


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