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08 Nov 2021

Ep #380: How To Create a Referral-based Practice – With Bill Cates

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This week’s episode highlights the tools and techniques to be effective and confident in building a referral base. Bill Cates, president of Referral Coach International, provides an in-depth discussion on the “Perpetual Revenue System” and what should be covered in order to successfully turn referrals into introductions.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • 02:39 An overview of Bill’s books: “Get More Referrals Now”, “Don’t Keep Me A Secret”, “Beyond Referrals”, and “Radical Relevance”
  • 06:44 The 3-step process to building a referral base
  • 11:17 How mindset works in the “Perpetual Revenue System”
  • 14:27 What items are covered in the value discussions?
  • 16:49 Turning referrals into introductions
  • 22:14 Get access to Bill’s free downloadable e-guide


03:58 “The referral is not the end game; the referral is a means to the end.”

07:04 “Our studies have shown that it’s not loyal, satisfied clients who give referrals and make introductions— it’s engaged clients. What’s an engaged client? Someone who feels engaged with your value. They like the things you teach. They like the questions you ask. They’d get them thinking in ways that also teach, they like your responsive service.”

13:43 “Yes, we need to serve the heck out of our clients. And some of those people will introduce us to others because some are inclined to do it on their own. But if we don’t have a way to be proactive, then we’re gonna miss a tremendous amount of opportunity.”

17:28 “To me, the process is not complete if we haven’t been introduced— if we haven’t been connected in some ways.”


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