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15 Nov 2021

Ep #381: Saving on Musculoskeletal Claims – With Melissa Gill

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This week’s episode presents key insights into where the rising musculoskeletal claims are coming from and how we can prevent them. Melissa Gill, owner and CEO of On-Site Solutions, highlights the significant intervention of physical therapy in minimizing the risks of work-related injuries and in creating a proactive, positive, and engaging workplace culture.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • 02:35 Where the issue on high musculoskeletal claims stem from
  • 06:27 Being preventive with physical therapy
  • 11:22 How physical therapists can help the virtual workforce in preventing musculoskeletal conditions
  • 13:53 KPIs that are being tracked by On-Site Solutions
  • 19:03 How On-Site Solutions translate their services into employee engagement


03:31 “I’ve seen over the years, [nurse triage lines and a lot of the companies we worked with] they didn’t know what else to use so they have a nurse call-in line. And it’s not that those are not helpful, but you have to go to the medical person that’s got the most amount of knowledge about the musculoskeletal system.”

12:28 “Even if you have a perfect setup [you have a great chair, you even have a sit-stand, everything’s perfectly set up], your body was meant to move. It was meant to move every 20 minutes, that’s really what we have to do.”

14:28 “Originally, we only had clients that had really high sprain/strain claims. Very clear ROI. Get those claims down. We can look at the report of injuries. We can look at the OSHA Recordables. We can look at work claim numbers and dollars. Very clear data. And we still track that [if that’s important to the company]. But now, what we’re seeing is more and more employers are coming to us because it’s a quality of life.”

20:12 “So many factors change that most of the companies we start with, or most of the employees we work with— we continue those relationships. We continue seeing them because there’s always something else that can be added— education, stretching, strengthening, or something to make their body skills because they can feel.”

21:23 “The surprising thing that the companies don’t realize is how well-received it is [the data and the stats go with that, right?] But it’s really looked at as a benefit. It really has helped shift the culture, especially in a tight labor shortage, to a very engaging, proactive, and positive relationship.”


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