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06 Dec 2021

Ep #384: Blending Art and Science for Success – With Allison DePaoli

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This week’s episode explains why it takes both art and science to make a health benefit plan work for all stakeholders. Allison DePaoli, founder of Altiqe Consulting, shares their process in creating a health plan that affects all constituents positively while helping people work through the setbacks in these plans.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • 02:13 Allison on the rebranding of her benefits firm, Altiqe
  • 06:24 What’s their process for building a health benefit plan that works for all constituents?
  • 12:20 Apps as global communication tools for employees
  • 16:26 Their outbound dialing process raises employee engagement


07:20 “When you can take people where they are, okay you’re here, what you’re telling me is you wanna go here so let us create a map to get you there. And we have a process for it. Literally, get the information— data rules all. Understand what the actual problem is because every employer has a different problem (…), then what solutions are right to deal with that, and what kind of timeline do you need to implement that?”

09:42 “You have to talk about the risks as well. I used to get in trouble with this with the sales manager, saying all the bad things (…) but you become more trustworthy, you become a trusted adviser when you clearly outline the pitfalls.”

13:17 “I like apps that you can put on people’s phones that will do push notifications and reminders, and will also allow them to have everything that they need in one place. If I’m using a concierge medical management, it’s on there. If we’re using alternate sourcing for prescriptions, it’s on there. There’s 24-hr advocacy on there so you have somebody that can get information about a doctor, a bill… You can put Telehealth on there. You can put behavioral health on there.”

18:34 “Many employers and advisers underestimate the power of an employee. Employees have budgets and families. They don’t wanna pay anymore than they need to and they want high-quality care. We’ve done a horrible job of giving them tools to find that out. So give them the tools.”

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