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20 Dec 2021

Ep #386: Telehealth Gets a Shot In The Arm – What’s Next? – With Justin Davis

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This week’s episode offers interesting insights on how we can leverage Telehealth to close healthcare gaps. Justin Davis, CEO at Congruity Health, describes how transforming the Telehealth industry can lead to proactive care and decreased healthcare costs. He also identifies the central friction points throughout the shift and ways to handle them.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • 02:02 The current state of Telehealth
  • 04:41 Telehealth can help fill these particular healthcare gaps
  • 11:50 ‘Continuity of care’ as a goal for Telehealth
  • 13:41 Telehealth and AI
  • 15:29 ‘Aligning incentives’ as the major pain points for the Telehealth industry’s transformation
  • 18:12 Leveraging Telehealth for musculoskeletal disease
  • 20:54 An approach to driving better consumer behavior


05:13 “Telehealth can fit a really interesting niche to help sort of close that continuity of care— close that gap, communicate with those care coordination teams, and actually help folks change the trajectory down that high-risk, high-cost path.”

06:29 “The way I see this thing shifting— and I see the meaningful change that it can make— is when you can get to a place where it’s pre-diagnosis or emerging diagnosis, where we can understand when folks are on a particular path towards chronic illness or towards a poor outcome. And Telehealth companies can be positioned really well to do that outreach and that proactive care.”

12:27 “Staying connected to the folks that actually coordinate— the specialist, the PCPs— it’s really important that the data and information gets passed along to all folks involved. For Telehealth to serve that purpose, it needs to nestle into that ecosystem.”

14:21 We know a lot about comorbidities and what leads to what, and there are some incredible experts out there that are much better than I at describing how all these things link together. But I think AI is going to help us better understand that journey in a much more predictive way than we are able to today. And the next part of that AI is figuring out how to connect to these Telehealth companies or these delivery mechanisms sooner.”

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