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03 Jan 2022

Ep #388: Tools and Techniques of Employee Communication – With Joel Daniels

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This week’s episode explores the tools and techniques used to level up employee communications especially around benefit plans. Joel Daniels, Chief Advocate of Revolution Benefits Group, explains how they utilize CRM and create workflows for employee engagement. He also shares his take on choosing the right software for your business and overcoming perceived barriers in the insurance industry.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • 04:38 CRM as an engagement tool for employees
  • 06:40 On creating workflows
  • 10:52 Providing employees access to an appointment system: How does it work?
  • 12:54 How they’ve made adjustments to their tools and workflows after an eligibility issue
  • 16:07 On finding the right software
  • 18:35 Joel on overcoming his perceived barriers in the insurance industry


07:33 “Finding somebody to help you build that workflow and teach you how to do it so that you can do those steps, is really important. First and foremost though is understanding what are going to be the goals of your audience? How often should you be following up with them? And that really depends on company size. You also have to take company culture into play as well.”

09:15 “We have a workflow where certain messages are going to be sent out about 10 AM. After that, we start our phone outreach for the folks that are struggling, because I think one of the bigger challenges with a lot of employer groups is getting folks to understand that this is a benefit— how does this benefit actually work and benefit them— but also chasing folks down that are so busy with the work…”

20:00 “If I’m going into a place of business, I want to make sure that I’m able to serve their audience, their employees. And if I cannot convey complex insurance speak to some individual of another language, I’d rather not do it. So I feel like there’s a tremendous opportunity for us to market to a younger generation of people with different backgrounds in order to more effectively reach an audience that would resonate with them.”

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