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24 Jan 2022

EP #391: The Healthcare Supply Chain – with Phil Hamburger

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This week’s episode focuses on the healthcare supply chain. We’ve been hearing a lot about it, but what exactly is it? Phil Hamburger, risk advisor at Ellerbrock-Norris provides insights about this system and highlights how they can improve benefits while simultaneously lowering costs. He also offers advice on how to start the conversation with the clients and how to educate employees.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • 1:54 Phil explains what the health supply chain is and how it works.
  • 5:15 How to start the conversation with a client.
  • 11:22 Tips on educating employees.
  • 14:22 The importance of creating a plan document
  • 17:42 Surprising discoveries he made as he delved deeper into this industry


4:19 “In every business, there’s a supply chain, and in healthcare, there’s a supply chain.”

11:44 “The most effective employee education that we have found is in one-on-one meetings.”

12:58 “Throughout the year, what we found to be kind of most beneficial and most successful is just consistent education.”

17:55 “The first thing that surprised me was how difficult it is at times to really get the trust of a business owner or prospective client, whoever it is that I’m talking to.”

19:04 “I’ve also learned that at times, being a younger risk advisor has presented its challenges, especially when you are talking to those business owners that have been in business a long time. But again, I believe in our message, our philosophy, and the more that I can get out there and tell it to prospective clients, and just really share our message that’s really what I’m trying to do. And I know that over time, as I continue to build these relationships, eventually, we’ll get an opportunity”.

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