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07 Feb 2022

EP #393: How to Lower Musculoskeletal Costs — with Mark Testa

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This week’s episode delves into alternatives to musculoskeletal surgeries. In an effort to reduce costs while improving patient outcomes and satisfaction, Mark Testa, Executive Vice President of Regenexx talks about some cool stuff their company is doing to help employers save money on their orthopedic spending and patients avoid elective surgery.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • 2:17 How much do musculoskeletal surgeries cost?
  • 3:17 Why do a lot of people end up having musculoskeletal surgeries?
  • 5:00 How can bone marrow concentrate or ortho biologics help employers and patients?
  • 12:17 Patient profiling in order for the therapy to be effective.
  • 15:29 Physician’s reception to this alternative option.
  • 17:29 Expected treatment modality and facilities charge.
  • 20:19 The trajectory of this therapy.


04:40 “I saw firsthand whether I was in primary care, pain management, orthopedic surgery, hospitals, even sharing the office with the surgeons sitting at the same desk with them, that that wasn’t even the best option but people didn’t have any other options prior. So they want to see the surgeon looking for a solution to their pain.”

10:50 “[bone marrow concentrate] Probably will never be anything that becomes an FDA-approved protocol because what does it take to get a drug to market? A lot of money, a lot of years. And when we’re using your cells, there’s really no big upside, there’s not a big markup on your cells that are going to make anybody billions of dollars. So it’s likely never going to fall under an FDA jurisdiction, as long as you remain compliant in those three areas.”

16:11 “The orthopedic surgeons are on two sides of the fence. Some feel that it’s not ready for primetime because they want to continue to do surgery. Podiatrists or physical medicine and rehab docs, they’re really aware of it because they’ve been doing steroids and burning nerves and injecting high Algan and seeing the limitations of those treatments. So, like all good docs, we want to help people get better not just band-aid their symptoms, so they’re pretty aware of it.”

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