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14 Feb 2022

EP #394: What’s New In Supplemental Health Plans — Mike Zarrillo

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This week’s episode is about supplemental health benefits. Mike Zarrillo, Chief Revenue Officer at Brella Insurance discusses the market’s current state, what’s new, and what’s on the horizon. We’ll dive into understanding what makes a good supplemental benefit and what opportunities exist in this market for advisors.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • 1:46 Supplemental health plans: market size and scope, as well as opportunities for advisors.
  • 05:44 Why would a company want to offer supplemental health plans?
  • 07:59 The most desired and upcoming benefits.
  • 11:50 What is a constructed benefit and what triggers a benefit? 
  • 14:51 How does technology helps employees in deciding which benefits to purchase?
  • 18:06 How they’re educating employees.
  • 20:26 The future of supplemental health plans.


2:42 “Employees today are facing challenges like never before when it comes to their out-of-pocket exposure and a good supplemental health insurance plan should do its part to bridge those gaps and create less financial burdens and hardships for employees when they suffer unexpected medical issues.” 

04:27 “We’re already upside down – the typical employee today. It’s not necessarily high deductibles, any deductible can feel like a high deductible for way too many American families. So, as brokers, advisors, employers, insurance carriers, we all have an obligation to do our part to ensure that those challenges become less and less cumbersome for American families.” 

05:33 “Our view is supplemental health insurance really should be the next most important benefit in the portfolio because it strengthens the most important benefit in the portfolio.”

17:39 “think the ability to base a product purely on diagnosis allows you to more effectively, from an actuarial perspective, understand what you may expect from a claim incidents perspective and build your product accordingly, our view of it is that that is a more predictable, sort of path of claim utilization than maybe some of the conventional products that have embedded in those restrictions and definitions that may or may not lead to a benefit.” 

20:59 “Simpler insurance allows you to leverage technology in a way that delivers a consumer experience that you know, our employees and their families deserve.”

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