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07 Mar 2022

EP #397: Making Friends With the HR Suite — with Tonya Sowles

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This week’s episode is intended to help brokers and advisors understand how automation tools work and why it’s worth the expense of their time as Tonya Sowles, founder and CEO at Sowles Consulting talks about the pain points of managing a small business and how these tools can help make a business workflow more effective and efficient.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • 2:19 Tanya’s background and motivation for assisting small businesses.
  • 4:17 Making a list of things that are outside your zone of genius and learning to delegate or automate.
  • 6:18 The benefits of integrating a CRM into your workflow.
  • 8:32 Convincing agents and brokers that HR tools are investments rather than expenditures.
  • 12:17 What are workflows?
  • 19:20 What is a roller coaster, and why should you be concerned about it?


14:17 “Workflows take away all of those things that don’t actually require you.”

16:57 “When you are outside of your zone of genius, it takes you hours to get back to that level of productivity, to return to it after you’ve struggled with something else.”

20:25 “You have to find that balance and using systems and workflows helps you do that so that you can dedicate your time consistently to prospecting sales and closing, at the same time servicing the clients that you have, servicing the new clients and making sure all of the follow-ups, all of the administrative pieces are also getting done in the background. Finding that balance to allow you to have a consistent pipeline of prospects in-process and closing clients is so important. And it’s really important to recognize if you’re on that roller coaster.”

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