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21 Mar 2022

EP #399: Taking the Wrong Exit on the Road to Success — with Carrie Espinosa

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This week’s episode gives insight into benefits and healthcare solutions from employment to retirement. Carrie Espinosa, principal advisor at Horizon Benefit Services talks about the comprehensive solutions that they offer to employers, as well as employee education to help them make informed decisions and how to do that effectively.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • 1:46 What hire to retire means.
  • 5:06 How Horizon Benefits Services started and how they are helping companies and employees.
  • 12:46 Is there a need for a cultural shift?
  • 14:25 How they’re educating and helping employees figure out the best options for them.
  • 20:30 Horizon Benefits Services’ trajectory.


9:19 “I’ve found that employers want it to be simple. They want a solution that’s going to be good today, good tomorrow. And being that hire to retire solution allows them to have one resource for all of those needs, instead of having to have two different resources.”

12:29 “Let’s look at this as a big picture decision instead of just somebody telling you what to do. But that’s the value that we provide as advisors, right? This isn’t just a transaction, this is advising and guiding someone to making the correct decision and how to do that effectively.”

21:20 “The key to happiness in life is finding those resources that you can trust, people that are going to look out for your best interests that aren’t going to steer you wrong. And that’s exactly what we want to be to our clients, whether we’re doing it on the benefit side or doing it on the Medicare side or somewhere in between.”

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