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25 Apr 2022

EP #404: In and Out of Medicine, via The Netherlands — with Frank Sutter

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In this week’s episode, Frank Sutter, a chiropractor and Associate Director of the Harvard Business School’s Health Care Initiative, explains why he left medicine and how the medical system in the Netherlands inspired him to go back and change the healthcare in the United States.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • 1:54 Why he sold his practice to a physician group and moved to the Netherlands.
  • 8:32 The goal of the healthcare initiative at Harvard and the many different avenues for students.
  • 13:14 Direct primary care versus the healthcare initiative.
  • 16:45 The difference between the healthcare system in the Netherlands and the US.


3:42 “In my experience, the greatest aspect of that is just spending time listening to patients, we don’t get a lot of that with most of our health care practitioners. So I really relish the time I was able to spend with each patient.”

16:13 “If the doctor is stressed, that’s going to impact the outcomes of the patient.”

19:22 “They [doctors in the Netherlands] don’t have the same fear of defensive medicine, which is testing everybody for everything all the time, always, so they don’t get sued for missing a diagnosis. That’s defensive medicine, which is, of course, very expensive for insurance companies and that’s not the right approach either. So, they are quite mindful of that here.”

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