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02 May 2022

EP #405: How to Keep Transparency From Becoming Opaque in Pharma — with John Zevzavadjian

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This week’s episode digs into how drug price is determined, with John Zevzavadjian, president at RxSense, explaining how pricing changes from the moment the producer sends the items to the distribution channels to the end consumers.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • 1:38 John’s experience from pharmacy to a front row seat at the marketplace.
  • 2:44 A couple of things they’re working to solve.
  • 3:50 How prices change from the manufacturer to the end-user from a generic medication perspective.
  • 7:11 In terms of rebates, how do prices adjust from the manufacturer to the end-user?
  • 11:34 What’s preventing people from getting data in the normal course of the scheme, and what kind of data John assists employers with, and how does it affect their decision-making?
  • 16:07 Collaborating with pharmaceutical companies to reduce the cost of a drug.
  • 19:34 The pharmaceutical industry’s overall trajectory.


9:12 “Amongst all of that supply chain, everybody’s taking a piece of the action and there’s a lack of visibility into who is making those dollars and how much.”

14:14 “Nutrition is as important than getting the right drug.”

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