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23 May 2022

EP #407: Cutting New Teeth – Dental Insurance in 2022 – with Josh Jackson

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This week’s episode delves into a new development in the dental insurance industry. Josh Jackson, founder of Promptous, discusses the company’s efforts to provide better, simpler, and more affordable dental services that are designed to be used, rather than a plan that is not intended to be used.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • 1:35 The main distinction between a self-funded medical plan and a self-funded dental plan.
  • 3:31 How they are designing dental plans.
  • 5:12 What the advantages are for the employer.
  • 6:08 How this new development can improve the dental experience of employees.
  • 12:26 Processes that are streamlined on the provider side.
  • 14:24 How they encourage employers to switch to self-funding.


3:07 “It’s not only about cost savings, but there’s an opportunity to really provide a better dental plan in general, because, again, you as the employer are taking the risk on, so you have the ability to take a lot of the traditional restrictions and exclusions limitations out of your normal dental plan, and in turn make it a better benefit that’s designed to be used.”

3:44 “We’re designing a dental plan that’s actually designed to be used, rather than a plan that’s not designed to be used.”

9:22 “Providing this more holistic benefits package is a way to help them get the treatment they need while helping reduce their out-of-pocket costs.”

12:59 “From an administration standpoint, accounts receivable are simplified, they are not having to call one 800 Number to rectify payments. And it’s just a big headache that’s taken off their plates when members come in with promptness and actually use the benefits themselves.”

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