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20 Jun 2022

EP #411: In Sales, Always Keep Your Left UP! — With Michael Goldberg

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Has COVID changed the way we think about live events? How are we supposed to network and market ourselves without face-to-face interaction? This week’s episode dives into successful networking and how it’s the key to your success with the author of Knockout Networking For Financial Advisors And Other Sales Professionals, Michael Goldberg.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • 3:57 Michael’s definition of networking and why he believes it’s the key to success.
  • 6:10 The networking mindset and how it helps you build and grow.
  • 8:40 Who you should network with for success.
  • 12:51 When to self-promote during a networking conversation.
  • 13:48 Best practices for following up after networking.
  • 17:03 The PEECE concept for networking.
  •  20:43 The importance of listening in networking.


4:28 “I look at it as just learning and helping. It’s a proactive approach, although it can be reactive.”

5:10 “I can connect every single client that I have to date to somebody that I know or knew. I would say just about every one of them has been through referral and a relationship that I have.”

6:16 “For networking to take, you got to give.”

7:21 “Your mindset drives everything. So, if you have a mindset towards a certain disposition, you’re going to have a skill set towards that certain disposition, and then action is going to result.”

11:39 “It’s about the connection. And it’s really about connecting with your ‘one-thirder’ audience.”


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