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16 May 2014

Ep #6: Enrollment Software that Engages, Educates, and Helps You To Sell – With Joe Fernandez

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This week, we welcome Joe Fernandez, from The Benefits Expert (TBX), to the show. Joe explains how TBX created an animated and engaging front end to the traditional online enrollment system. TBX uses media content, decision support, and interactive experience for employees to learn about benefits. It also points out the opportunities to fill the gaps in employees’ core plan with voluntary benefits that sell themselves.

Listen in to learn how TBX recreated enrollment software that engages, educates, and enhances the selling process and which can be provided and customized at no up-front cost. Joe will explain the reasons why his system is a great differentiator for brokers and how his new approach helps to market employee benefits more effectively. Don’t miss this episode!

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How The Benefits Expert not only enrolls – it helps brokers sell.
  • TBX’s innovative methods of employee engagement, education, and enrollment.
  • TBX’s new simplified way of bundling benefits that increases the take-up rates dramatically.
  • Why these benefit bundles work better than allowing the employees to pick their options.
  • How and why TBX is able to offer their technology at no up-front cost to brokers.

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