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26 Jul 2015

Ep #68: Defeat Freebies With Your Secret Weapon – With Lillian Shapiro

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At the recent NAHU Convention, we spoke with Lillian Shapiro, president of HR360, about some of the challenges that benefits advisors face from companies providing “free” stuff in exchange for Agent of Record Letters. She points out that this type of marketing is not a new hurdle, but one that has reappeared at a particularly interesting time in our business.

On this episode of ShiftShapers,Lillian shares a simple yet powerful technique brokers can employ to give them a competitive advantage over any technology platform. She offers advice and ideas to help advisors become more effective and efficient in closing new clients and retaining existing ones. Lillian believes that advisors today have a unique value proposition – they simply need to learn how to present it in a compelling and competitive manner.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • The challenges advisors have faced in the past with freebies.
  • How to ensure your clients know the full scope of the services you provide.
  • How to use checklists and newsletters.
  • Why social proof matters.
  • The secret weapon in every client relationship.

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