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27 Sep 2015

Ep #77: Free Market Medicine is Disrupting and Transforming Markets – With Charlie Sauer

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In earlier episodes (see links below) we have spoken with physicians who are taking a very different, and more free-market approach to pricing health care. Their numbers are growing rapidly and while some may think that “free market medicine” is an oxymoron or an impossible dream, a new and growing association is beginning to prove otherwise.

On this episode of ShiftShapers podcast, we’re excited to welcome Charlie Sauer, co-founder and the executive director of the Free Market Medical Association. Their organization is dedicated to promoting transparency and forwarding the ideals and practice of medicine without the intervention of government and other third parties.

We invited Charlie to talk about the transformative nature of free market medicine. We asked Charlie how it can be possible to have free market in medicine in an environment where the government pays more than 50% of health care spend. We discuss the issue of whether consumers would be better off if artificial discount arrangements and multiple third parties were removed from the health care pricing landscape and why Charlie believes that our country is headed in that direction.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Whether the health care in the United States is an economic Oz.
  • How you can promote free market solutions with the government paying more than 50% of health care expenditures.
  • How we can get out of this cycle.
  • Whether the ACA complicated the problem.
  • The tools do consumers need.

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