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26 Oct 2014

Ep #29: Want To Lower Costs? Focus On Quality, Not Cost – With Shane Wolverton

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This week on the ShiftShapers podcast, we are very excited to bring you a great conversation with Shane Wolverton, senior vice president of Corporate Development for Comparion Medical Analytics. Shane’s research shows that despite the constant historical focus on “cost”, the real opportunity to drive down medical spend is to focus on quality.

Drawing on 20 years of experience in the field, Shane discusses how benefits advisors can take what may seem to be a complicated tangle of measurements and create a simple, easy-to-understand system that engages employees and employers alike. Shane will explain why, in the final analysis, “Quality is cost.”

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Shane’s background.
  • Why there isn’t a “true north” when it comes to quality metrics.
  • The common quality measures advisors can look at.
  • How two hospitals in the same town can vary so much in quality, and what does that mean for total cost.
  • How advisors take can this complicated tangle of measurements and use them to create value for employers and employees.

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