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17 Jan 2016

Ep #93: The Future of Telemedicine – With Samir Qamar – Part 2

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Last week we talked to Samir Qamar, M.D., founder and CEO of MedLion and MedWand, about direct pay primary care and how it can be integrated into the solutions advisors offer to clients. On this episode of Shiftshapers Podcast, we continue our conversation with Dr. Qamar as he shares his latest offering that aims to take telemedicine to another level.

We talk about a brand new device that Dr. Qamar is bringing to market – a mouse-sized piece of technology that has the potential to revolutionize patient’s interactions with their physicians. This new technology will not only allow physicians to spend more time but appropriate time with clients. Tune into this insightful exploration of the new technologies that are coming to the market that can help extend our virtual interaction with primary care providers.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Whether we are going backward to the era of the family doctor.
  • The evolution of today’s telemedicine.
  • What Qamar believes to be the true telemedicine.
  • How accessible the technology is for consumers.
  • Why frequent claims are an insurance killer.
  • The other technology that is coming to market to extend our electronic interaction with providers.

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