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15 Nov 2015

Ep #84: Connecting Advisors With Private Exchange Buyers – With Dan Hughes

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Every study available continues to show that consumers need help with understanding and selecting plans. One company has developed an Uber-like marketplace that helps to make that connection. In this episode, we chat with Dan Hughes of Softheon about what’s new with private exchanges and how they are evolving to meet consumer’s needs.

We explore the ongoing viability of private exchanges and how consumers are interacting with them. We also touch on the ever-increasing need for advisors to have access to data. We ask Dan about how they expect to vet the advisors they list on their site and what he sees in the near-term future for private exchanges and what those changes mean for your practice.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How Softheon came to be and the problems they were trying to solve.
  • How the private exchanges evolved and what their future looks like.
  • How Softheon is working on connecting advisors to prospects who are shopping for coverage.
  • How they vet brokers to get quality folks.
  • Why white-labeling is important for advisors.

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