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07 Sep 2014

Ep #22: It’s All About Millennials – With Gerry Herbison

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On this episode of the ShiftShapers Podcast, we are very pleased to be speaking with Dr. Gerry Herbison. Gerry is the Director of the Chartered Leadership Fellow designation and Assistant Professor of Management at The American College.

I invited Gerry to talk about his expertise in the management of, by and for Millennials. Tune in to learn about the generations shift that is happening in the insurance and benefits world and how we can shape environments that attract and retain this group of people.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • What is a Millennial?.
  • What makes Millennials so different that we need to think about them as a separate, distinct cohort.
  • What agencies need to do to attract this group.
  • How the recruitment discussion need to change.
  • How to create an environment where Millennials can flourish.
  • How this cohort prefers to communicate (more or less) and if they like working alone or in groups.

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